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Stephen R. O’Rourke is a writer, consultant and tireless advocate for sustainability.  He transitioned his career in marketing and information technologies in 2008 to the renewable energy industry, promoting efficiency and sustainability through the intelligent use of energy and information.

Steve served as the editor of the Going Green column in Spirit Seeker magazine from 2009 until 2015, and was also a contributing editor to the now-defunct St. Louis Globe-Democrat, sharing success stories about a variety of “green” technologies.  His three-part series on The Keys to Energy Independence was printed in several publications, and he also contributed a chapter to the book Seven Points of Impact called Global Guardian.  All of these articles are preserved in their original form on this blog.

Steve has worked with commercial, industrial and nonprofit organizations to better manage their energy use, and offset reduced demand with clean, renewable solar photovoltaic energy.  He currently works as an independent project developer for StraightUp Solar, while providing energy management services to a select group of clients. In addition, he continues to do large project development and provide consulting services to Pivot Energy, (formerly Microgrid Energy) where he most recently served as Vice President of Business Development.

He is a NABCEP-certified PV Technical Sales professional, and taught about the business case for solar at St. Louis Community College’s Center for Workforce Innovation.  He was elected to the board of the Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association (MOSEIA) in 2015, serving as treasurer through 2018. Steve chaired the marketing committee of the Missouri Gateway chapter of the US Green Building Council for two years before being elected to the board in 2015, and was just elected to serve another term as treasurer. Steve is the Director of Energy and Efficiency for Urban EcoBlock, a startup organization committed to redeveloping our urban core to promote social equity and environmental stewardship. He also chaired the Sustainability Committee of the Corporate Council for the Missouri Botanical Garden, and served on the Energy and Environment Committee for the St. Louis Regional Chamber.

In addition to the published articles, IntelEfficient offers additional musings on topics related to energy and sustainability in general, as well as some personal stories.  Enjoy!

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  1. Steve,

    Just fingering through your blog briefly here after speaking with you yesterday. Really appreciate you taking the time to walk me through the state of sustainable development in St Louis. I keep an eye out for people like yourself that help spread vital information and strengthen the social network…the “cross-pollinators” as I call them.

    I’ll be in touch down the road.


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